Sunday, August 24, 2014

EVGENIA Spring/Summer 2015 Teaser Video by Tim Prestoza

The amazing Tim Prestoza of Low Tek Studios has done it again and taken my breath away with this gorgeous teaser of Spring/Summer 2015. Stay tuned to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to stay on top of S/S 2015 release dates.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Studio Visit with Photographer Sarah Deragon

A few years back I was privileged to be included in an awesome women's indie business group called The Success Squad. Sarah Deragon and Lisa Anderson Shaffer (Zelma Rose) invited me to join at a time where we were all making pretty big work transitions. Honey Cooler Handmade had just started and I found myself struggling to coax a fully-formed business from a mere concept. One of my biggest challenges was staying on task when working from home, and our monthly Success Squad meetings lit the fire that got me to push through my hangups. And here I am at the Fashion Incubator - certainly a large step! Sarah now runs the immensely successful Portraits to the People - she's so in demand these days that I was beyond flattered when she asked to come by to take some shots of my new space.

Check out her beautiful work below. And be sure to check out Sarah's amazing work on her website - she's the one responsible for my kickass headshot below. Sarah's also working on an incredible passion project, The Identity Project, for which she's gained international recognition.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fashion on the Square 2014 - Photography by Mehrban Jam

Last weekend's Fashion on the Square finale was quite an experience. I was asked to show a few pieces from my Spring/Summer 2015 collection in the black and white trend show on Sunday - I was so lucky that my collection was ready to go! Photographer Mehrban Jam was there to capture each outfit which is very fortunate - since backstage never offers that great of a view. My friend John James provided floral headpieces for my outfits, keeping with the aesthetic from my lookbook shoot.

Frieda wears the Deco Cami, Tap Shorts and Ribbon Corset

Tselmuun wears the Deco Romper and Bralette

Fashion Incubator alumni Jake Wall of The Artful Gentleman was honored with the Heart Award for community giving and showed his incredible collection. I was privileged to have my Spring/Summer 2015 bralettes in a few of The Artful Gentleman's outfits, proof that lingerie-as-outerwear is style with staying power.

Amanda models for The Artful Gentleman while wearing the Evgenia Bralette

The Artful Gentleman

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

FiSF Diary - Who is Evgenia?

First things first: If you follow my adventures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, you may have noticed a not-so-subtle change in my moniker. It's true - Honey Cooler Handmade is in the process of becoming Evgenia Lingerie. Eugenia is my middle name (and my grandmother's name) - Evgenia (pronounced ehv-'gen-ya) is a common Eastern European pronunciation. My parents were both born to Ukrainian immigrants and this new name is personal to me for that reason. And let's be honest: lingerie itself is deeply personal - I wanted to put more of myself into my brand, and that's what this leap is all about. Evgenia at once embodies my own familial history as well as nostalgia for times gone by, all with an elevated, feminine twist. And lest there be any doubt, my lingerie will still be sewn from incredibly beautiful silk and French lace, still painstakingly crafted, still versatile, feminine and vintage-inspired. Very little will change in terms of the lingerie itself - this is simply a new adventure for my brand. I hope you enjoy this new direction!

Back to the Incubator… The last month has been a busy one - but really, what month hasn't been since I started at the Fashion Incubator? My shoot went magnificently and the lookbook layout is in progress. It should be done sometime in the next few weeks. My younger sister Kate is working on my marketing collateral, a generous offer that I couldn't turn down. Her Pennsylvania-based design team is working with some pretty incredible clients, so I'm in very good company and delighted that they took me on.

In the past few weeks, I've had a packed calendar. My fashion show at Supperclub with Hunny Bunny Burlesque went amazingly. Never before have I been so privileged as to have some of SF's most gorgeous burlesque performers strut their stuff in my lingerie. Friends and followers came out to support me and the final photos are lovely beyond belief. I also worked on a benefit for Fight2Breathe with former FiSF Designer in Residence Michelle Byrnes. We threw a fashion show with Redford and The Social Beauty Company all to benefit Caleigh Haber, a young woman with cystic fibrosis. I also sold my wares at Chillin' Productions last weekend, and just this past Sunday I showed three looks from Spring/Summer 2015 at Fashion on the Square.

The other Designers in Residence are preparing for their shoots and getting samples squared away at the moment. The workroom looks just like an episode of Project Runway right now as we're all in crunch mode.

Right now, my focus is getting my ducks in a row for my launch. My collection is done and my manufacturer is working on round after round of samples - if you've ever seen my lingerie in person, you know my lacework is pretty exacting. I want to make sure that any outside sewers pay just as much attention to detail as I do, so I've been driving back and forth to the factory to touch base until everything is just as I want it. I've also been working on marketing with the help of FiSF alum Jake Wall of The Artful Gentleman. From product names and descriptions to pitching, we're tackling all the important parts of marketing a fashion business. Every step has been an enlightening challenge, and every step brings me closer to my goal of having a fully realized brand.

This week, I'm getting my production patterns together and doing my technical illustrations, all parts of the production side of fashion design. A typical day involves a lot of time in my office working on my media, marketing and business plans, but as the lookbook launch gets closer, preparing for production is weighing heavy on my mind and I find myself back in the workroom.

There's always tons to do while at the Incubator, but I've been grateful for every facet and so excited to see how Spring/Summer 2015 pans out!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fashion on the Square This Sunday!

If you've been following me on social media, you may already know that I'm in the process of changing my business name from Honey Cooler Handmade to Evgenia. It's a big change and I'll go more into depth about it in my next FiSF Diary post, but for the time being the best way to see this new iteration of my lingerie line up close and personal is to come to Fashion on the Square this Sunday.

This is the first time I've ever been invited to show at this prestigious SF event and I'll be debuting three S/S 2015 looks at the 7pm runway show, looks that very few people have gotten to see yet. Please join me and the other talented designers privileged enough to show that evening!

Purchase tickets here. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fight2Breathe Benefit at Redford - Photography by George Liao

This past Sunday was Sunday Side Up, a brunch event with Redford, The Social Beauty Company, Michelle Byrnes and Motown Mondays, all to benefit Fight2Breathe. It was a magnificent day, all for an excellent cause!

Caleigh Haber of Fight2Breathe is battling cystic fibrosis and documents her struggles and triumphs on her website and social media - she's not only a fighter, but a sweet, beautiful woman and we were all so delighted to help out her cause. Her site is in place to help offset the cost of the double lung transplant she's waiting for.

Photographer George Liao graciously documented the day in photographs, capturing the behind-the-scenes action as Social Beauty Company made our models runway ready, and the runway shows themselves. Check them out and visit Fight2Breathe to do your part to help Caleigh Haber!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Cure for the Common Brunch

We all know that San Franciscans love their brunch. Make this Sunday's midday meal extra special and join Redford, The Social Beauty Company, Michelle Byrnes and yours truly for a truly unique brunch experience this Sunday July 13th.

Not only will Redford be debuting an exciting new brunch series, but you'll see enticing runway shows featuring Michelle Byrnes swimwear and Honey Cooler Handmade lingerie. Grab a cocktail and rock out to some amazing DJs - better still, it's all for a good cause! By joining us, you'll be supporting Caleigh of Fight2Breathe as she battles cystic fibrosis and waits for a double lung transplant.

I'm so excited to participate in this event and I hope to see you there. For more information, visit the Sunday Side Up Facebook event page. To make a brunch reservation, please email